About Ash

Hi, I'm Ash! I am 30 and a Maryland native. I like art and going to concerts and reading and travelling to new places. I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, I love bats and unicorns, and my favorite color is pink. I think I'm a pretty nice person, I try to be serene and fair. I have an Associate's degree in Conflict Resolution and I'm certified in mediation and restorative dialogue/restorative reflection. I am currently working toward a Bachelor's degree in Social Work. In the meantime, I work in a very fun retail environment while I go to school. I am a vegan, into Earth-based spirituality, and I care about the environment.

I have an awesome husband named Jay (wedding pics here) who is a culinary student, and an adorable orange kitty named Fred, who is pretty much my child (not in a weird way).

I love music! I always say that my all-time favorite bands are Nine Inch Nails and The Beatles. Other favorites include AFI, Pink Floyd, The Dresden Dolls, HIM, The Moody Blues, ELO, The Horrors... the list goes on and on. My favorite authors are Lewis Carroll, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, and I absolutely love the Oz books by L. Frank Baum.

You can find me all over social media, so feel free to check out my profiles! Thanks for stopping by!

email: batwing.org (at) gmail.com